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In a seemingly bleak world with an overwhelming wave of bad news, it’s always good to remind ourselves that there are a lot of amazing and heart-warming stories out there to warm the cockles of your heart, especially at this time of year.

Now, here is a real Christmas Story. Imagine this. You have gone to your local church for the nativity display and as is the usual scene, there are the shepherds and their charges. The three wise men from the East bearing precious gifts, and of course Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus in a manger. But wait a minute, while the main characters remain mute and lifeless, Baby Jesus appears to be… alive and even kicking!

The members at Holy Child Jesus (‘tis true) Church in Queens, New York got the surprise of their lives to discover there was a real-life newborn baby boy in the nativity. So new, he was still attached to his umbilical cord. There he was lying in the crib wrapped in towels. Well, let’s call them swaddling clothes for the sake of authenticity.

No one knows how the child came to be part of the Christmas Story, but the vicar and parishioners believe he will be adopted by a loving childless couple, making it a great Christmas miracle. Lovely, Jobely!

Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy Festive Season.

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