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A woman leaves a well-known supermarket with groceries she did not pay for and when the manager caught up with her all he had for her was a big grin! Fancy that! No being man-handled back to the store for questioning? I guess that is an open invitation to all the ‘tea leaves’ out there. But hang on one ‘never knowingly undersold’ minute before you beat a path to Waitrose & Partners. Because it seems to me that unless you are blonde and blue-eyed and turn on the ‘dizzy blonde’ charm, you might find yourself in the nick. As far as I can tell, shops, supermarkets and anybody selling you anything will tell you that if you thieve their things they will prosecute you. Big signs everywhere on their premises. So, you cannot say you have not been properly warned. Ulrika Jonsson, however, clearly does not take much notice of such trivialities as she quite merely puts her groceries and provisions into her (no doubt) designer wheelie bag, walks past the tills and goes on her merry way. That’s leafy Oxfordshire for you. Try pulling that stunt in any conurbation you know of.

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