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a woman whose face has been obliterated with a question mark

So, baby killer nurse Lucy Letby is locked up for her natural. And so be it. Reading the abridged details of her heinous crime is stomach-churning. But what gets me are her friends (and one in particular), who say they are standing by her, as they don’t believe, well, the evidence really, and will only believe if Lucy Letby admits that she killed seven innocent, premature, vulnerable, helpless babies, and attempted to kill a further six. This was not some sort of aberration. A moment of inexplicable madness. No. These murders took place over a year. This was the premeditation, calculation and cunning of a monster intending to ruin many lives.

Have these nincompoop friends not read the notes Letby wrote that were admitted in evidence? The notes that said, “I am evil. I did this.” Or “I killed them on purpose.” Which part of that don’t they get?

It’s all very well saying that ‘I grew up with Lucy and not a single thing that I’ve seen would let me for a moment believe she is capable of this thing she’s accused of,’ and that ‘she is the most, kind gentle soft friend.’ Really! They might try removing those rose-tinted blinkers.

I never understood how some people can blindly swear on behalf of another’s behaviour or actions. Yes, Lucy Letby might have been the church-going, kind gently soft friend, to them and of course she wasn’t on some killing rampage when she was out socialising with her mates. She’s not accused of anything like that. What she was accused of and subsequently convicted of is murder at work of helpless and vulnerable babies.

Were these ever so loyally foolish friends doing the hospital shifts with her that they could assert with such unwavering confidence that she is not, could not be capable of such atrocities? Nobody knows everything about the people they know. Nor what they can do. Simply because we are not with them 24/7.

Interestingly enough, at the same time Lucy Letby’s natural life sentence was being handed down, I was watching a crime show. An American attorney, a highly respected philanthropic, kind bachelor had suddenly upped and disappeared. For a long time, the good folks of the homeland believed to their heart’s content that the good lawyer had fallen foul of unscrupulous kidnappers. They all testified that they all knew him extremely well, and he was the best friend, best employer and bestest human being ever. Friends, employees, and every acquaintance swore blind to his wholesome goodness. And a lot of resources and manpower were utilised to find him and bring him home. Heck, he even had the word ‘royal’ in his name.

Long story short. Turns out this fine, upstanding confirmed bachelor was much married father of eight kids that he callously left behind in another state. He had staged his disappearance when law enforcement was onto him for child support and for appropriating clients’ money and using it as his own. Hence the ‘missing’ became the ‘wanted’.

So, to baby killer Lucy Letby’s drivelling homies, as an old sage once suggested – better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool rather than open it and remove all doubt.

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