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Folks are funny! Death in Paradise, that beloved BBC television comedic cosy crime caper, set in the (fictional) Caribbean Island of Saint Marie, that regularly pulls a whacking eight million viewers per episode, has come under a bit of fire. Man, are they getting it in the neck? They seem to have upset the Twitterati. Why’s that? What’s happened, J.A.? Pray tell. I am happy to enlighten. Well, you see, there is to be a new detective on the island, catching criminals and cutting crime wherever he treads. Yes. And what’s wrong with that? 

Well, this new guy, Detective Inspector Mervin Wilson, is none other than the actor Don Gilet of Eastenders fame. Good. Good. He’s a great actor, a worthy replacement – so what’s the problem? The problem, dear reader, as some in Twitter land sees it, is that Don Gilet made an earlier appearance in Death in Paradise (many, many years hence) starring as a ‘murderer’, who killed two people, including his boss, the owner of a rum distillery, during a séance, in the first episode of series 4, of 2015. And so, they the Twitterati, being confused and now scratching their heads and wondering (and posting) that it can’t be possible for someone who was a ‘killer’ in a previous episode (of many, many years hence) of said drama to return now as the new detective inspector. It’s just not possible, they cry. 

Some folks even assert that they can’t ever watch Death in Paradise again with the new DI Melvin Wilson (also known as actor Don Gilet – that’s important) because they remember him in the part he played (many, many years hence) as a killer. They can’t get their heads around that!

Let me tell you something peeps. It’s not real! They are just acting. Pretending.

Besides, never heard of rehabilitation and redemption. C’mon!

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